Bring the Outdoors In with Nature Inspired Phone Protection

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Puhelimemme ovat jatkuvat kumppanimme, mutta otteemme voi olla vain niin luja. Ennemmin tai myöhemmin pudotat puhelimesi. Mitä useammin pudotat sen, sitä nopeammin matkapuhelimesi paljastaa sen haurauden.

Onneksi on tapa suojata laitettasi ja juhlia rakkautta luontoon kerralla. Wilderness-aiheiset puhelinkuoret ovat kasvava trendi, ja ne tarjoavat upean esteettisyyden välttämättömän suojan lisäksi.

Plant-Based Phone Cases: Pretty Eco-Friendly and Pretty, Period.

For the eco-conscious phone user, plant-based phone cases offer a guilt-free way to protect their phone. These cases are crafted from sustainable materials like wheat straw, bamboo, or plant-based polymers. These cases are as biodegradable as they are easy to grip and lightweight.

It just so happens that plant-based cases typically provide a slim yet shock-absorbent design. They come in many styles, from minimalist solids to floral patterns. Choose an ocean case reflecting every color of the rainbow or a black-and-white case with an image of a tiger as regal as it is terrifying.

A Wilderness Collection Carrying Multitudes

Get adventurous with a wilderness phone case. These covers transport you to breathtaking landscapes, featuring stunning photography of natural landscapes and wildlife. Get a case showcasing a majestic display of the northern lights or one depicting a bald eagle perched on a barren tree.

Our wilderness-themed phone covers have the ruggedized form factor of all our phone cases, not to mention their typical plastic-free properties. Some may feature raised bezels around the screen and camera for added security.

Look on the Wild Side

Channel your inner explorer with wilderness-themed phone covers. Here is the range of nature-inspired motifs featured in our collection:

Animal Kingdom

Display your partiality toward a certain animal with a case featuring a glorious tiger, a pretty bluebird, or a glaring brown bear.

Underwater Delights

Explore the beauty of the ocean with a case adorned with colors reflecting from the sun at a point not visible on the case itself.

Night Sky Wonders

Celebrate the vastness of space with a case depicting the dancing northern lights or the mystical polar stardust.