Keeping it Neat and Matte with Solid Color Phone Cases

Phone cases are an essential accessory. So much so that we believe Apple and Samsung should start including them in their packaging.

Tangents aside, we are pretty comfortable with where we stand vis-à-vis phone covers. This line, in particular, is traditional, compostable, and has what it takes to protect your precious device while reflecting your favorite color.

Classic Compostable Collection

If you crave a classic look and care for the environment, then a solid color compostable phone case is the product for you.

Solid color cases are the OG classics. They appeal to those who prefer a sleek black as well as those who want to adorn their boring iPhone with a flamethrower red. These cases let the beauty of your phone shine through while adding a touch of sass or charisma, depending on the color you get. The color options are vast, from calming pastels to bold neons, allowing you to find a shade that speaks to you.

Compostable phone cases are a guilt-free way to protect your phone. Made from plant-based materials like bamboo or plant-based polymers, these cases biodegrade after use, so you don’t have to feel bad about essentially burying them in the ground. This makes them a fantastic alternative to traditional plastic cases that linger in landfills for years.

Solid color phone cases combine classic aesthetics with eco-conscious materials. They safeguard your phone while ensuring you do your part for the planet. So, ditch the bulky, unsustainable cases and adopt the simple beauty and environmental responsibility of a traditional compostable phone case.