About Us

At Tallpine Cases we specialize in creating phone cases that aren't just stylish and functional but also environmentally friendly. Our goal is to offer you an exclusive opportunity: the ability to protect your phone while actively contributing to environmental change.

Our deep conviction in the potent power of technology to revolutionize lives while also safeguarding our planet guides our actions. We recognize the value of elegance, practicality, and ecological consciousness in selecting phone accessories.

Not only do our phone cases provide protection, but they also serve as a fashion statement reflecting your dedication to sustainability. We craft these cases from sustainably sourced wood and biodegradable materials, highlighting natural aesthetics and demonstrating superior craftsmanship. With various wood types, finishes, and customizable options available, you can own a phone case that is truly unique to your style.


You make a deliberate choice to reduce plastic waste and advocate for responsible forestry practices by selecting our sustainable phone cases. We ethically source our wooden cases, thereby advancing sustainable forestry initiatives and conserving the resources of our planet. For those seeking even greener options, our biodegradable cases are made from plant-based materials, offering a fully compostable solution that minimizes environmental impact.

Our cases are meticulously designed to provide a precise fit, easy access to all ports and buttons, and a comfortable grip. Our conviction: sustainability and performance should never be at odds; instead, they must complement each other. This principle is entrenched in our phone cases – a testament to the fact that we deliver on both fronts.

We have a fundamental goal: seamlessly merging lifestyle, functionality, and environmental responsibility in our phone cases. With unwavering dedication--we concentrate on offering trendy yet sustainable options; this is our way of demonstrating commitment to both the planet and you.

Founded in Lahti, Finland, our team is passionate about providing eco-friendly solutions. We believe in empowering individuals to safeguard their devices while also making a positive difference for our planet. With an unwavering commitment towards craftsmanship—innovation—and ethical practices: we aspire not just to inspire conscious consumer choices – but also contribute significantly towards greener futures for generations yet unborn.

Explore our sustainable phone case collection, experiencing the perfect fusion of style, functionality, and environmental responsibility. As we aim for a sustainable future, let's strive together to make case after case contribute positively towards our planet.